Our team

ExcelMD – Toronto

Dr. Felix Klajner

M.D. / Medical Director ExcelMD Toronto 

Dr Klajner graduated from McMaster University with honours BSc.

He obtained his medical degree from University of Western Ontario.

He attended theUniversity of Western Ontario to complete his family medicine residency, followed by a third year family medicine residency  (enhanced training). He now serves as Medical Director of ExcelMD Toronto.

ExcelMD – Toronto

Dr. Margarita Kaliazina


Dr. Margarita Kaliazina completed her baccalaureate degree at the University of Western Ontario with an Honours Psychology Specialization. Her final year project focused on the role of prejudice in limiting opportunities for foreign-trained doctors and she was awarded the W. J. McLelland Award for most outstanding senior thesis. She went on to pursue her medical training through the University of Toronto, completing her family medicine residency at Women’s College Hospital in 2014. She is a strong proponent of preventative care and has a special interest in women’s health and mental illness.

ExcelMD – Toronto

Dr Nadine Bukmuz


Dr Nadine Bukmuz completed her medical training in Cape Town, South Africa. She has worked as a Family doctor in rural Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.  She has been practicing in downtown Toronto since 1998.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Patricia Côté

B.Sc., M.O.A.(Aud), MD, CCFP

Dr. Côté has practiced private medicine in Quebec since 2009. She is a graduate of the Université de Montréal and completed her residency at McGill University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Higher Education and a Master’s Degree in Audiology from the Université de Montréal. She worked for many years in various remote regions of Quebec, in particular Abitibi.

Her fields of interest include:

Dr. Côté is a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance – CADDRA (www.caddra.ca). She also participates in the continuing education of her peers by giving presentations on ADHD.

Dr. Lamarre and Dr. Côté work closely with front-line nurse practitioners.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Luc Bisaillon


After more than 25 years working as a general practitioner in the public sector, Dr. Bisaillon recently chose to work in the private sector, as he believes, that in order to provide quality care, it is essential to dedicate each patient the proper time. Among other things, it allows the establishment of a real patient / doctor interaction based on attention, trust and respect, which are essential conditions for a successful and effective patient – doctor relationship.

A medical graduate of the McGill University, Dr. Bisaillon has been a general practitioner over a quarter of a century. After spending several months in Quebec’s Far North at the beginning of his career, he devoted himself primarily to emergency room medicine (at Jean-Talon Hospital), while also working as a general practitioner at the Douglas Psychiatric Institute (affiliated with McGill) from 1998 to 2007.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Maher Esper


Dr Esper completed his medical studies at the Sherbrooke University. He continued his family medicine specialization at the University of Montreal. He has been practicing family medicine since July 2018 and he is a proud member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Dr Esper has a diverse field of practice, with a particular interest for:

  • Taking charge and following up on patients of any ages, regardless pediatric, adult or geriatric.
  • Taking charge and following up on mental health troubles in the first instance.
  • CNESST & SAAQ cases
  • Musculoskeletal , with an indepth skills training in inflitration.
  • Minor surgery (wound repair, excision of cysts, minor biopsies, etc.)
  • The obstetrical care and placement of IUD

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Audrey Anctil


Dr Audrey Anctil completed her medical studies as well as her specialization in family medicine at the University of Sherbrooke. She practiced for a few years at the Saint-Eustache hospital and at her office before working exclusively for a Private Clinic since 4 years. She loves family medicine, a diversified practice and longevity of medical care.

Dr Audrey Anctil has a special interest for:

  • Women’s health, including contraception, IUD insertion, and menopause
  • Pregnancy follow up
  • Pediatric follow up
  • Mental health
  • ADHD
  • Travel medicine

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Jordan Discepola


Dr Discepola attended medical School at Université de Sherbrooke in June of 2017. He then proceeded to complete his residency training in the McGill University Family Medicine Program at the Jewish General Hospital

Dr Discepola has a diverse scope of practice, ranging from caring for minor emergencies in a walk-in setting, to taking on patients and serving as their primary care provider. He is particularly interested in the care and follow up of chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, etc)


Dr. Alex Nguyen


Dr Alex Nguyen nicknamed Dr Alex is a doctor graduated from the University of Sherbrooke and completed his residency at McGill University. His practice consists of sexual health as well as general family medicine, whether it be complete examinations, minor emergencies or minor procedures.


Dr. Jeanne Bonnaud

M.D. , L.M.C.C.

Graduated from the University of Montreal, Dr. Bonnaud has worked for many years in hospitals (emergency, intensive care), CLSC (palliative home care) and pre-hospital (Urgences-Santé and SAMU Montpellier in France).

Dr. Bonnaud practiced in private medicine for almost 10 years. Her wide range of experiences has allowed her to cover all aspects of general medicine and to offer her patients a bespoke service, whatever their needs.

  • Comprehensive care for both children and adults
  • Minor emergencies and common health problems
  • Minor surgeries
  • Gynecological follow-ups including contraception and IUD insertion

Dr. Bonnaud has also developed expertise in ADHD and is a member of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance – CADDRA. She participates in the ongoing training of her peers by making presentations on ADHD and mental health.

She is thrilled to join the dynamic team of ExcelleMD.


Dr. Charles Landry

B.Sc. (Pt), M.D.

Dr. Charles Landry began his career as a physiotherapist in private practice for a few years before entering medicine to graduate in 2001 from the University of Montreal.

After graduation, Dr. Landry became an emergency doctor in Montreal, the Laurentians and the Gaspé Peninsula before concentrating his practice in private medicine.

A fervent follower of preventive medicine and health as a whole, Dr. Landry is a member of the AQMSE (Quebec Association of Sports and Exercise Doctors) and of the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine). He also has a particular interest in musculoskeletal medicine, travel and shipping health, mental health, ADHD, andropause and minor surgeries.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Christian Lamarre


Dr. Lamarre obtained his medical degree from McGill University in 1995. Dr. Lamarre worked for over 13 years in emergency rooms in the state of New York; nearly nine of these were spent as head of his emergency department. He has worked on several programs designed to improve the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction. Since 2010, he has practiced private medicine in Quebec.

Dr. Lamarre has obtained the following certifications:

  • Fellowship in the College of Family Physicians of Canada (FCFP)
  • Special Competence in Emergency Medicine (CCFP(EM))
  • Fellow of the American College of Emergency Medicine (FACEP)
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice (FAAFP)

He is also board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine with a score in the 99th percentile in 1998, and 790/800 at his recertification in May 2014.


Dr. John Kramer

C.D. B.Sc. M.D. C.S.P.Q. L.M.C.C. C.C.F.P.

Dr. Kramer has practised medicine in Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia since 2010. He is a medical graduate of the University of Montréal and he completed his Family Medicine residency at the University of Calgary where he has obtained board certification in Family medicine. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience option) from Concordia University. He has worked in urban centres, specifically Montreal, Calgary and Halifax. He has also worked for many years in the Canadian Forces as a Medical Officer providing primary care to military service-members in clinics in Canada and overseas as part of military exercises and operations.

His fields of interest include:

  • Aviation Medicine (e.g. Transport Canada Pilot Medical exams)
  • Dive, Hyperbaric and Submarine Medicine (e.g. Diving Medicals)
  • Fitness for work and workplace injuries  (e.g. CSST/CNESST)
  • Driver’s exams (e.g. SAAQ)
  • General/Family medicine, Health Check-Ups and Preventive medicine
  • Mental Health & Follow-ups

Dr. Kramer is a certificant of the College of Family Physicians of Canada and believes in collaborative, patient-centred approaches to healthcare.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. J.P. Souaid

B.Sc., M.D., C.M., F.R.C.S.C

Dr. Souaid has been practising as an Otolaryngologist (ENT) for 19 years. He is a graduate of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine and Residency training program. After his residency, he completed a fellowship in Otology (middle ear surgery) at the Ohio State University. He has been an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa for 10 years.

His areas of interest include:
1. Hearing loss and Vertigo.
2. Ear infections and chronic ear disease.
3. Chronic sinusitis and nasal problems.
4. Recurrent tonsillitis and throat problems.
5. All other aspects of general ENT.

Dr. Souaid is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as well as being certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology.

He has been invited as a visiting professor to many countries and frequently gives lectures both nationally and internationally.

ExcelleMD – Mont-Tremblant

Dr. Jean Dion


Since 1982, Doctor Jean DION has practiced family medicine in the Mont-Tremblant area of the Laurentians. He has been an active member of the Centre Hospitalier Laurentien de Sainte-Agathe des-Monts for twenty years, including ten in emergency medicine. Passionate in sports and the great outdoors, he specializes in physical and sports medicine. This has allowed him to work and travel with Canadian weightlifting, track and field, freestyle skiing, alpine skiing and Paralympics teams. In 1996, he was privileged to be selected as a doctor for the Canadian team at the 1996 summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Furthermore, he was also involved in several international ski competitions and in the Mont-Tremblant Ironman event. He completes this vast array of family and sports medicine by offering health sciences expert opinions as well as occupational and industrial medicine alongside several organizations, corporations and individuals.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Dr. Caroline Doyon


Dr. Doyon holds a Molecular Biology master’s degree as well as a master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences aside from having been awarded a general surgeon diploma in 2012 by the University of Montreal Faculty certified by the Royal College of Physicians and surgeons of Canada. She practised for three years in a high volume Montreal South Shore hospital before redirecting her practice as a surgeon for distant region, where she was able to widen her knowledge in general surgery. She was in charge of the education of medical residents as well as a lecturer at the McGill University Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Doyon now wishes to concentrate on a patient first approach, more respectful and based on mutual trust.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Audrey-Ann Fauteux, B. Sc.

PhD student in psychology – clinical neuropsychology option (D.Psy)

Audrey-Ann completed her Bachelor’s degree in cognitive neuroscience specializing in neuropsychology, Honor path, in April 2019 at the University of Montréal. During her course, she was involved in various research projects of the Neuroscience of Early Development laboratory, a team specializing in the study of child development. Audrey-Ann also received a certificate of excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association for her undergraduate research thesis. She is currently working on her doctoral research project in collaboration with the cardiopediatrics department of CHU Sainte-Justine. She is studying the cognitive development and behavioral adaptation of children with Kawasaki disease.

Audrey-Ann has a great interest in neuro-developmental disorders, especially for attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD). Since summer 2019, she has been conducting the first ADHD assessment sessions according to the recommendations of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA). She wants to use her current knowledge as well as her empathic abilities to offer a service adapted to this clientele.

ExpertiseMD – Montréal

Dr. Jean-Marie Gingras


Dr. Jean-Marie Gingras graduated from the University of Montreal with a medicine degree. Throughout his career he has worked in several medical clinics in the greater metropolitan area. His expertise in industrial medicine allowed him to offer his services as a consultant to several private companies. He was also an advisor to the health and social services centers in Quebec.


Dr. Jeannette Janzen

M.D. C.F.P.C. F.C.F.P.

National Director VirtualMed

Dr. Jeannette Janzen  graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Medicine after which she completed her Family Medicine Residency at  McGill University. She has been following her patients in family practice for over 30 years at GMF Stillview in Pointe Claire where she was an integral part of the growth and development of the clinic which flourishes today. She began working in Statcare minor emergency clinic in 1988 which has become on the busiest clinics on the island of Montreal.

Dr Janzen got involved in Travel Medicine in 2008 after completion of the Short Course in Travel Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Since 1998 she has participated in over 180 Clinical Research Trials with Manna/LMC Clinical Research, formally known as Kells Medical Research.

Dr. Janzen is passionate about providing the best care for patients in an empathetic, efficient and organized approach.  After 32 years of living in Quebec she is relocating to British Columbia to continue practicing medicine and develop the Virtual Medicine access to patients across Canada.

She holds a medical licence in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta.


Dr. Suzanne Lamarre


Dr. Suzanne Lamarre, a psychiatrist and emergency physician working in the Montreal area, will be offering her services at our clinic as of January 2019. Dr. Lamarre has been the Director of the Psychiatric Emergency Department and the Crisis Department at St Mary’s Hospital since 1995, she was also  Head of the Department of Psychiatry at St Mary’s Hospital between 2004 to 2012, and has been working as a psychiatrist since 2014.

Dre. Suzanne Lamarre would be offering her services as off January 2019


Dr Gabrielle Deschamps


Dr Deschamps completed her medical studies at Laval University, and went on afterwards to complete her degree in Family Medicine at Sherbrooke University. She started her family medicine practice in July 2016 and is a member on the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Dr Deschamps has a very diversified practice and treats patients of all ages. She has a specific interest in geriatrics and in patients with cognitive impairment. Since January 2017, Dr Deschamps is responsible for the implementation of the ministerial initiative for Alzheimer disease at GMF Stillview in the west island of Montreal. This initiative will facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cognitive impairment in a first line setting.


Dr. Kate Conrad


Dr Kate Conrad completed her medical studies as well as her residency in Family Medicine at McGill University. She began her family medicine practice in 2016 at GMF Stillview. She also works in various hospital settings including hospitalization at Lachine hospital, the Respiratory unit at the Glen as well as CHSLD Maimonides.


Dr. Robert Ardell


Dr. Robert Ardell was born and raised in the Saskatoon area with a farming background. He graduated with a Medical Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1986. Dr. Ardell then moved to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Here he started an independent medical practice where he enjoyed providing comprehensive medical care including obstetrics, pediatrics and all disciplines of adult medicine including geriatric care for twenty-six years. He completed certification for the Canadian College of Family Physicians in 2004.

In 2012, Dr. Ardell opened the SuperMed Family Medicine and Walk-In Clinic in order to provide more accessible medical care for patients including extended hours. This clinic has a staff of four family medical doctors including Dr. Ardell. At this clinic Dr. Ardell continues to see his family medical practice patients and attends to the needs of walk-in patients. As well, he provides in-patient care for those hospitalized, obstetrical deliveries, and antepartum and post-partum care on the Maternity Ward at Victoria Union Hospital.

Besides engaging in Canadian medicine, Dr. Ardell has also done several trips with his family to Niger, West Africa helping out in two different hospital settings. This exposure to medicine in a developing country has given him a greater appreciation for the accessibility and scope of medical care offered in Canada.


Dr. Bruno Benzaquen

M.D. , Cardiologist

Dr Bruno Benzaquen obtained his medical degree from McGill university and was trained in cardiology at University of Montreal and McGill university. He further completed sub-specialty training in cardiac arrhythmias as well as echocardiography.

He benefits from more than 15 years of clinical experience and occupies positions as assistant professor both at University of Montreal (Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital) as well as McGill University (Jewish General Hospital).

He divides his time between clinical practice, teaching medical students and residents, clinical research as well as in occupying the position of medical director of CDL Cardiology.


Dr. Andrew Steinberg


Dr. Steinberg trained at Montreal’s McGill University as well as at the Cleveland Clinic where he mastered techniques in minimally invasive surgery.

He offers a full service for patients with urological disorders.

His team offers a broad variety of services including urological oncology, prostate cancer screening, male fertility, female urological issues, incontinence, kidney stone disease and surgical urological reconstruction.


Dr. Jacques Toueg

M.D. , Orthopedic Surgeon & Medical Director 

Dr. Jacques Toueg is an orthopedic He specializes in sports medicine and in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee. He is the chief medical officer of la coupe Rogers’s Cup and the national tennis training center in Montreal. Dr. Toueg has treated numerous athletes of national teams, as well as a number of players of the National Hockey League (NHL), the Major Junior Hockey League of Quebec, the Canadian League of Football, and Professional Boxing Team. Since 2010, he co-hosts the program The Doctors, a magazine specializing in health and broadcasted on Radio-Canada.


Dr. Daniel Durand

M.D., Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Durand is a plastic surgeon for Special Surgery and a graduate of the largest medical schools in Canada and the United States. Dr. Daniel Durand has over 20 years of experience in plastic and esthetic surgery. He namely specializes in esthetic and hand surgery. Dr. Durand has been chosen to practice at the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery. His distinctions are accredited to the many peer reviewed scientific articles and magazines and his qualifications as a specialized surgeon and lecturer. He participates in that title at International Congress of Surgery at the invitation of the American College of Surgeons, the Plastic Surgery Research Council and the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Dr. Yvon Giroux

M.D., Gastroenterologist 

Dr. Yvon Giroux has been a gastroenterologist at the Montreal Institute for Special Surgery since 2017. Dr Giroux has over 40 years of experience in gastroenterology. The digestive endoscopy clinic is specializes in colorectal cancer screening and gastroscopy (stomach). These examinations are carried out by endoscopy.


Dr. Nicolas Sauvé

M.D., Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr Nicolas Sauvé is a specialist in Sports Medicine. Dr. Nicolas Sauvé is a member of the Montreal Canadiens medical team. Dr. Nicolas Sauvé has treated athletes of international status in cycling circuits, speed skating and the Canadian Olympic team and the medical team of Tennis Canada. Dr. Sauvé is also part of the medical team of the junior hockey league’s Armada of Blainville.


Dr. Khalil Masri

M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Khalil Masri is an orthopedic surgeon. Over the years, Dr. Khalil Masri has gained extensive expertise in sports medicine, reconstructive surgery and knee arthroscopy. Appreciated by his patients for his listening and dedication, he has treated several top athletes in the field of skiing, hockey and motocross. He is particularly interested in reconstruction surgery for the anterior crucial ligament (ACL) as well as partial and total arthoplasty of the knee.


Dr. Jaimes Serge Benhamron

M.D., Gastroentherologist

Doctor Jaimes Serge Benhamron has served at the Verdun Hospital of Montreal from 1985 to 2010, where he was chief of gastroenterology between 1989 and 2000. He has also been a member of various GI departments in hospitals like St Joseph of Lachine, from 1987 to 1995 and Cité de la Santé of Laval, from 2001 to 2004.

In 2008, he opened his own clinic gastroenterology and endoscopy clinic.

Having acquired more than 30 years of experience, Doctor Jaimes Serge Benhamron received his medical degree from the faculty of medicine of the University of Montreal (1980). He has also been certified by the Royal College of Canada in internal medicine (1984) and in gastroenterology (1985).


Dr. Lyne Desautels


Dr. Desautels has been working as a family doctor for over 20 years now, practicing primarily on the South Shore of Montreal as well as the Eastern Townships.

Working in close collaboration with a variety of specialists allows her to develop personalized treatment plans to cater to her patients’ needs, all while maintaining a global health and functional medicine approach. This method of operating allows her to develop an expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, ant-aging medicine, medical cannabis and Lyme disease.

It is the combination, of a functional medicine approach, her background in microbiology as well as research studies (focused primarily on molecular genetic cancer research), that allows her to develop her practice based on the principle of LIVING LAB and HUMAN LAB.

Dr. Desautels is constantly sharing her competence in an array of different subjects and is know for her predilection on topics such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as medical cannabis.

For several years now, she has been developing a specialized practice on the multiple therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis. Since its creations in 2015, Dr. Desautels has held the title of co-evaluator at the Québec Cannabis Registry. She continues to expand her expertise and participate in research studies with her ever-growing team and more than 500 patients.

The advancement of science and technology is essential in order to maintain a current, preventative and personalized approach and being up to date with the science knowledges.


Dr. Donovan Kreutzer


Dr. Donovan Kreutzer was born and raised in a town south of Johannesburg, South Africa. He received his medical training at the University of Pretoria and moved back to his hometown in Vereeniging to complete his final internship year.

Donovan moved to Canada in 2001 to pursue a passion of fly fishing. After working in Outlook, Saskatchewan for three years, he moved to Calgary in 2004.

He strives to collaborate to many different spheres of medicine and accessory services and in doing so, provide comprehensive health and preventative care to our patients.


Dr. Vanessa Delisle

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Dr. Vanessa Delisle is a graduate of McGill University and a member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychiatry and a Bachelor’s Degree in Honours Psychology from McGill University.

Dr. Delisle balances her time between the private and public sectors. This allows her to work with a broad range of clients. Dr. Delisle has extensive training and experience in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders (e.g., Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder), mood disorders (e.g., Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder), and personality disorders (e.g., Borderline Personality Disorder) with a diverse clientele ranging from adolescents to seniors. As a psychologist, she has developed an expertise in helping clients cope with crises and learn skills in order to better understand and manage their emotions and to maintain and improve their relationships. Relatedly, she has been working as the crisis team psychologist at St. Mary’s Hospital since 2017.

Dr. Delisle has received training in numerous psychotherapeutic approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Internal Family Systems, and is always looking for new ways to further help and support her clients.


Dr. Martin Potter

M.D. , M.Sc.

Dr Martin Potter MD M.Sc. is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Université de Montréal.

After completing his Family Medicine residency in 2002, he worked in Addiction Medicine, Mental Health and with vulnerable urban populations. He proceeded to obtain a M.Sc. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from McGill University in 2012. Since 2013, he has established himself in academia, and is currently the assistant program director for the family medicine program at Université de Montréal, and does clinical work in a family medicine teaching unit in a rural setting. In 2019, he obtained his CFPC added competency in addiction.


Dr. Marie-Josée Dubois


Dre Marie-Josée Dubois completed her medical studies at Université de Montréal in 1997, right after she got her bachelor in nutrition. Being a versatile general practitioner, she worked in family medicine, psychiatry, medico-esthetic care, emergency medicine, adult and pediatric palliative care, especially as the Phare Enfants et Familles medical director (2006 2008) as well as the CH LeGardeur, La Maison Aube-Lumière & the CHUS. With many stays in remote areas, her contacts with indigenous communities helped her build a plural an open idea of the health, adding one more link to her global and humanist vision

This path naturally brought her to an integrative medicine practice, where here favorite fields are: hormones, medical cannabis and mental health.

She is also the founder of the Les Enfants GIOIA charity work, a life dream she cherishes since many years, where her passion of the human, the children and nature meets together.

ExcelleMD – Montréal

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners (NP) are nurses who have clinical experience in a specific field and advanced postgraduate education in nursing and medical sciences that enables them to prescribe diagnostic tests and treatments in addition to performing certain invasive procedures. Collaboration between doctors and nurse practitioners increases access to health services, encourages strategies to promote health and prevent illness, and ultimately improves people’s health.

With a master’s degree in nursing and an advanced postgraduate diploma as well as solid experience in a clinical field such as neonatology, nephrology, cardiology, or primary care, nurse practitioners provide nursing and medical care and prescribe diagnostic tests, medication, and treatment according to their area of specialty.


Marie Belcourt

Nurse Practitioner


Yanick Duvervil

Nurse Practitioner


Karine Joly

Nurse Practitioner


Nancy Lavoie

Nurse Practitioner


Anne-Marie Martin

Nurse Practitioner


Valérie Hébert

Nurse Practitioner


Marc-André Moutquin

Nurse Practitioner


Isabelle Phaneuf

Nurse Practitioner


Isabel Sourdif

Nurse Practitioner


Vanessa Lussier-Morneaux

Nurse Practitioner


Bithiah Bemmi

Specialized Nurse Practitioner


Andréa Doyer

Nurse Practitioner

Mélissa Perron

Mélissa Perron

Specialized Nurse Practitioner


Marie-Céline Pelletier

Specialized Nurse Practitioner


Tina Doucet

Head Nurse


Mélyssa Girard

Auxiliary Nurse


Marilyne Henri

Auxiliary Nurse


Maude Martel

Auxiliary Nurse


Lindsay Valori

Auxiliary Nurse


Julie Huneault

Auxilary Nurse


Stéphanie Vermette

Auxiliary Nurse


Audrey Thériault

Auxilary Nurse


Martine Joly

Martine Joly

Beautician Technician


Stephanie Bérubé

Beautician Technician

Nutritionists - Dieticians


Clémence Pouit

Nutritionist / Dietician


Erika Lechuga Rodriguez

Nutritionist / Dietitian


Juliette Casgrain



Lysanne Darche

Nutritionist / Dietitian

Administrative team


Michelle Langlois

C.O.O. Administrative Director / ExcelleMD & VirtualMED


Brigitte Fontaine

Master in Health Care Administration

Administrative Assistant

Business Development


Éric Latendresse

Clinical Coordinator

Business Development


Joanne Tessier

Sales Coordinator


Noémie Haché

Administrative Assistant


Étienne Haché

Administrative Assistant


Diane Labelle

Administrative Assistant


Karolanne Langlois-Boivin

Administrative Assistant


Catherine Philippe

Marketing Coordinator


Marie-Andrée Chéné

Administrative Assistant



Karine Morin

Territory Manager

Kassandra Gervais

Kassandra Gervais

Administrative Assistant


Sophyta Sary

Administrative Assistant


Lise Gauthier

Administrative Supervisor


Isabelle Drainville-Talbot

C.O.O. Administrative Director / VirtualMED